Army and RAF Veteran Resources

Serving members pensions

The different sectors play an important role if providing funds for our Army and veteran soldiers for their honor.

The Armed Forces Pensioner Scheme of 2015 or the (AFPS 15) was introduced last 1 April 2015. If you are one of the serving members from the armed forces, your pension will have been transferred to AFPS 15. This is unless you qualified for transitional protection, which meant you could stay on one of the given previous schemes.

It could also be that you could read more about on the AFPS 15 and look for an information about your previous pension schemes as armed forces member on GOV.UK.

The War Widowers pension. When your husband, wife or civil partner passed away after the result of serving in the armed forces, you may get a War Widow or War Widower’s pension. This can be based on the side of your wife, husband, and/or civil partner’s payment.

If you have health problems because of being in the Armed Forces

If you have health problems due to be in the Armed of Forces, you may can be given payments under war pension schemes or the Armed of Forces compensation schemes.

Compensation schemes

Compensation schemes refers as the schemes which will help on you if you are injured while you are serving. They will also help you if you’re a dependent of a member of the armed forces who died in service.

The following are the said schemes which you can use:

  • your type of service
  • when you served and for how long
  • the type of help you need

Further help

More information for the Armed Forces, veterans and their families on Advice guide

  1. For related educationinformation, you may seek help from those with training and qualifications for those people leaving from the Armed Forces and the veterans.
  2. For related healthinformation, you may try to seek healthcare for those people injured in the Armed Forces and the veterans.
  3. For more financialinformation, seek benefits and concessions from the Armed Forces, from the veterans and families as well.
  4. For more housinginformation, seek housing choices for all the people leaving from the Armed Forces and from the veterans and from all families

Other organizations that serve as Army and FAR sources

Legion Scotland (Royal British Legion Scotland)

Legion Scotland may provide help and also an advice about pensions of the Armed Forces in Scotland.

Royal British Legion. This can give advice with regards to pensions and help you in making your claim.

War Pensions and Compensation Team

Veterans UK. Veterans in UK provides you an advice on all Armed Forces pensioner holders and deal with every claims for war pensions and compensation.

Forces Pension for Society. This can give you an advice about what you can get in Armed Forces for pensions.

Aftercare Service – Northern Ireland. Aftercare Service may provide vocational, medical, welfare and so with benevolence support towards the full-time and also on all the part-time UDR and the R IRISH (HS) good soldiers and his families.

Supporting Britain’s Reservists and Employers. Supporting the Britain’s Reservists and those Employers who will gives support and more advice to all the reservists and their respective employers on the different matters like pensions.